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April in Marin: Surprise of Strong Sales in Late March, But Will it Continue?

I’m going to make this quick as things are changing almost day to day, so anything I write here could easily be outdated very quickly. But I trust all you readers are safe and aiming to stay that way. It’s a new world and one that is certainly going to impact us all for many months to come, if not years in some regards. For those of us who have been around awhile, we’ve discovered that we’ve never been so aware of our own hygiene and social distancing. Ironically, we should all have been practicing this our entire lives, but seems like that’s only been most of our medical professional friends or clients. It’s now all of us, hopefully, more aware of potential germs than ever before. But now to the Marin real estate market, which has gone through its own changes and a few surprises. 

First, the surprising part. Many of you who follow this in real-time and already know that despite the worldwide pandemic and historic stock market declines, buyers continued to buy in Marin for the month of March, even long after our SIP began. Last month saw 109 properties go into escrow, with just over half of those being after the SIP of March 17th, even yesterday or the preceding days. We had 174 properties close escrow and post as Sold, with 88 of them being after March 17th. So even despite restrictions on “safe showings” with masks, gloves, groups of no more than two and social distancing at all times, people continued to look at their home here as a long term investment, so look they did. Some made offers even after looking at photos and online videos, with a safe walk thru to follow once the home was able to be temporarily vacant. Who knows if this continues in April, but I have to agree with those who chose to step and buy when many weren’t. We’re going to get over this at some point, maybe in a series of weeks or months, but it IS beatable and we will go on as a society.

Let me know of any questions on that. I’m here to help. Meantime, enjoy April wherever you are and please stay safe. As always, thanks for reading.