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About Belvedere CA

This shows Belvedere Island with Tiburon harbor behind. Tip of Angel Island upper right.
Lagoon homes are on a waterfront lagoon that is perfect for kayaking.
Island homes are often waterfront estates with boat docks right on the bay.
Belvedere is part island (front) and part Lagoon (center) with Tiburon in the distance.
Final shot, with Belvedere, Tiburon and Angel Island.
The weather difference between Belvedere (right) and SF in the distance. Sun vs fog.
These view lots are priced at $5 mil, owned by the man who put the seat belts in your car.
Sure you could live here, but would you be happy?
A typical Belvedere Island home, facing south and bathed in sun.
Half the Island homes face south, towards San Francisco.
W. Shore Drive homes are on the Bay. You can commute to SF by boat from here.

Belvedere means beautiful view in Italian. It’s a fitting name for this island that is a mile long and barely ½ mile wide. It is surrounded on all sides by breathtaking vistas of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, and Belvedere Lagoon. Belvedere CA is connected to Tiburon by a causeway. While both towns are similar today, Belvedere was always considered home to the rich and Tiburon, in its early days a home base for the railroad, was considered the other side of the tracks. The two cities share spectacular views, but also public services (such as police, fire, library), the Reed School District (which is rated in the top one percent of California schools), and the Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. The Peninsula has evolved from the Rancho Corte Madera Del Presidio land grant made to John Reed from Mexico in 1834, to the changes made by the railroad and the Belvedere Land Company in the early 1900’s to the serene, residential area of today. Residential lots in Belvedere average 7,500 square feet with many properties being significantly larger. Belvedere’s homes reflect many styles, including Queen Anne and Mission Revival to modern Japanese-style and Mediterranean villas.

Marin’s smallest incorporated city celebrated its 100th year in 1996. The residents are quite proud of their heritage and founded the Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society in 1958. In 1991, Belvedere citizens established a tax-exempt foundation to help fund a wide variety of community projects, such as the Belvedere Playground, Concerts in the Park, and planting spring flowers throughout the community. The Bel-Tib Newcomers club offers a variety of events to welcome and engage new residents. Informal activities and scheduled events include a book club, a bridge group, dances, meditation, dining, hiking, golf, tennis, and a wine tasting group. Founded in 1869, Belveder’s San Francisco Yacht Club is the oldest club on the Pacific Coast and is widely recognized as the premier yachting facility on the West Coast. It operates a year round facility including the harbor, a dry sail area, and a full service restaurant and bar.





  • Winter temperatures range from 52 to 66
  • Spring temperatures range from 70 to 83
  • Summer temperatures range from 74 to 91
  • Fall temperatures range from 72 to 88
  • Rainfall 55-65 days per year
  • Precipitation 40 inches per year