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About Fairfax CA

White Hill Middle School is highly coveted by Fairfax residents. What a great location.
Bon Tempe Lake is one of Marin's many reservoirs, with Alpine Lake on the far right.
The Meadow Club golf course is five minutes up Bolinas Avenue in a spectacular location.
The Ross Valley Brew Pub is a fun place to meet friends and enjoy a cold one.
Bolinas Avenue heads west out of town, all the way to the beach.
The buildings of downtown have remained unchanged for years, still a great place to visit.
Above downtown Fairfax, one of the last, original small towns in Marin County.
Charming, affordable homes still abound in Fairfax. The last of the good deals in Marin.
Hiking spots abound, varying from the gentle to the steep. I prefer the gentle, myself.

Fairfax was originally part of the Mexican Land Grant, Canada de Herrera, consisting of 6,558 acres, conferred to Domingo Sais in 1839. The town derives its name from Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax, tenth Baron of Cameron, Scotland, whose British ancestors were given the grant of land by the British Crown in the 1850’s. Lord Snowden was lured west by gold fever and he and his wife, Ada, established their Fairfax estate, named the “Bird’s Nest Glen” in 1855. In the 1890’s the estate became a hotel and restaurant named Pastori’s that burnt to the ground in 1911. The even grander, rebuilt building still stands today on the Marin Town and Country Club property. This property was purchased in 1925 by Emporium Capwell Company and used as a resort for their employees. In the early 1910’s and 1920’s, Fairfax began to grow quickly with several subdivisions making up the town. Fairfax was also the setting for dozens of early Western movies. Several movie companies used the area in and around Fairfax from 1910 to 1923. Fairfax had its own movie studio, United Keanograph Studio. The town was incorporated in February 1931.

Fairfax occupies an admirable position in the geography of Marin. Midway between the bay and the ocean, in the lovely Ross Valley, Fairfax CA enjoys warm, sunny weather. Because of the fabulous weather, the outdoor life prevails in Fairfax. Located at the western edge of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, which is the main thoroughfare running east/west through Marin, Fairfax is the gateway to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Point Reyes National Seashore, and the Marin Municipal Water Shed (comprised of a half dozen lakes, including Alpine Lake). The town has a number of children’s playgrounds, including Peri Park and Lansdale Pocket Park. Minutes from beautiful wooded parklands, sandy beaches, hiking and equestrian trails, and miles of mountain biking trails, Fairfax is a perfect choice for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Known as one of the last sixties enclaves, Fairfax is a wonderful, if funky, family town. Downtown Fairfax boasts a wide variety of restaurants, including M&G’s, Marin’s only politically correct fast food joint, numerous coffeehouses and several small, ethnic restaurants. Several establishments offer live music nightly, such as Peri’s, 19 Broadway and the Amsterdam Café. The Fairfax Theatre features first-run movies without the mall atmosphere. Shopping is truly eclectic and includes such offerings as tie-dyed and East Indian clothing, one-of-a-kind jewelry, sports stores for the surfing, bicycling, kayaking and hiking enthusiast, new and used books, and spiritual and healing products. The town also sponsors many events including the Fairfax Brew Fest, the Fairfax Film Festival, the Fairfax Jazz Festival, and the Fairfax Festival & Parade that kicks off the summer season.

Fairfax real estate some of the last affordable homes in Marin, a place young families can still own a piece of the American dream. There is a wide range of housing in Fairfax from luxury homes on large lots to hillside perches with spectacular views. There are many neighborhoods where children still can play in front yards and are within walking distance to school. Fairfax offers the best of both work and play and is ideally suited to an easy, friendly lifestyle.



  • Winter temperatures range from 52 to 61
  • Spring temperatures range from 55 to 74
  • Summer Temperatures range from 64 to 86
  • Fall temperatures range from 70 to 89
  • Rainfall 55-65 days per year
  • Precipitation 43 inches per year