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Will This Be a November to Remember, Or Will Strong Home Buying Continue in Marin?

November is here in Marin and what a fall it’s been so far. All housing records were shattered here over the last few months with sales volume and prices hitting record territories, albeit in an organized, methodical fashion. No panic buying (or selling) but more of a momentum push of buyers seeking to leave where they are and move to or within Marin County, purchasing all variety of properties for any number of reasons. Mostly though, we heard time and again a desire for a better quality of life as the home has become a workplace and could stay that way for many years to come, if not indefinitely.

Companies large and small have realized that their workforce works better, faster, smarter and cheaper from home. Gone are the hours and expense wasted in the car, stressing in traffic, dealing with delays and trying to park. For those lucky enough to work from home it’s now out of bed with more rest than ever before, at it on the computer being more productive, happier and healthier than ever before. This new norm may just become the norm, but it’s too soon to tell. Right now, we’re all just reading about where we’ve been and where we are while working with and through the Pandemic. Where we go remains to be seen, but if the last six months are any indicator, let’s hope all goes smoothly for parents and school kids alike. Our ability to adapt as people hasn’t been tested to this extent for some time, if ever, and I for one have great faith we’ll pull through this better and stronger than ever before. 

Meanwhile, our “New Market” continues with buyers still leaving the confines of nearby cities to find a new place to shelter. Marin, Sonoma and Napa are all seeing strong home sales though that isn’t unusual. But even Tahoe properties are selling like crazy, helped in part by these crazy interest rates. Of the twenty-odd properties I’ve sold in the last year, most of my buying clients have mentioned in passing that they’re compromising on their wish list, if only to not miss a fixed rate at 2.875%. The savings over time are dramatic and not worth missing for any reason. 

Let me know of any questions on that. I’m here to help. Meantime, enjoy November wherever you are and please stay safe. As always, thanks for reading.