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About San Anselmo CA

Note the attention to detail of this restored kitchen.
The town is known for its vintage homes, many built in the early 1900's.
City Hall is so charming, you're almost glad to pay your parking tickets.
Many small shops and restaurants dot the downtown area. A great place for a stroll.
Downtown San Anselmo, with San Anselmo Avenue running parallel to Sir Francis Drake.
One of many vintage buildings that make up downtown San Anselmo Avenue.
Red Hill Shopping Center, named for the hill behind, with red earth beneath the topsoil.
The Theological Seminary dates back to the late 1800's and is a highly visible landmark.
Someone very famous lives behind these gates. Think Star Wars and no, not Chewbacca.
Brookside Elementary is one of many award-winning San Anselmo schools

The Coast Miwok Indians lived in the area of San Anselmo for at least 3,600 years and artifacts are still occasionally discovered near the Hub, the spur track of the North Pacific Coast Railroad. The valley was part of the Mexican Land Grant and most of what we now know as the Seminary area and downtown San Anselmo CA was part of Juan cooper’s grant, Punta de Quintin Corte Madera, la Laguna y Canada de San Anselmo. This land was later purchased by James Ross whose descendants still live nearby and work on some of his land, now the location of the Sunnyside Nursery.

During the mid-1800’s, San Anselmo was a railroad stop for San Rafael, Point Reyes Station and Tomales Bay, and the town was often referred to as the “Junction”. In 1892 the San Francisco Theological Seminary relocated to San Anselmo CA and began the town’s population growth. The Seminary facility was established to train Presbyterian clergy and includes the ethereal, castle-like buildings Montgomery and Scott Halls, an ivy-covered chapel and an hour-tolling bell tower.

The town was incorporated in 1907. A large influx of Italians from San Francisco’s North Beach, relocated here after the 1906 earthquake, planting grapes that thrived in the temperate microclimate. San Anselmo Avenue, the town’s main shopping area, is a curving boulevard of awning-shaded shops, cafes, galleries, restaurants, and boutiques. Known as the “Antique Capital of Northern California,” there are, within a half-mile radius of down, more than 150 antique dealers who attract collectors from along the West Coast. Popular events include the annual San Anselmo Art and Wine Festival, the Antique Dealers Fair, and the Country Fair Day. The town possesses both natural and architectural beauty. The natural beauty can be found in the nearby hills, creeks, meadows and redwood groves and by visiting any of the lovely six parks. The architectural beauty and history of the town can be experienced through the self-guided walking tour provided by the San Anselmo Historical Commission.


  • Winter temperatures range from 42 to 66
  • Spring temperatures range from 46 to 75
  • Summer temperatures range from 54 to 92
  • Fall Temperatures range from 50-85
  • Rainfall 55-65 days per year
  • Precipitation 42 inches per year