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September in Marin: Marin Real Estate Market Moves Forward Even During Normally “Slow” Months as Home Buyers Flee Nearby Cities

September is here in Marin and our “New Market” continues. Gone are the normally slow months of July and August as these last two were incredibly busy, mostly with more buyers leaving the confines of nearby cities to find a new place to shelter. Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Tahoe, they’re all seeing strong home sales though that isn’t unusual for the last three there. It is for Marin, no question. Most residents focus on vacations or getting ready for school, but not this summer. It was a buying frenzy for well-located, well-priced homes with at least 4 br’s and a pool (a pool?) if possible.  

City buyers still dominated the lists for most agents as people from apartments or condos sought out the safety and open spaces of Marin. Multiple offers slowed down somewhat last month, but were still the norm on most well-priced homes that checked all the buyer-boxes. Those that were “Done” and remodeled remained in the highest demand. Buyers sheltering in place look now for enough bedrooms to convert one into an office as many large (and small) companies have issued work-at-home guidelines into 2022. 

Mortgage rates sure didn’t hurt things as we started seeing rates below 3%. Look up in the center of his newsletter and see those numbers. It’s crazy. That too is a first and we don’t see that ending anytime soon, either. 

Let me know of any questions on that. I’m here to help. Meantime, enjoy September wherever you are and please stay safe. As always, thanks for reading.